David & Lenny


David and Lenny are an unlikely pair to say the least. An original web-series full of laughs as well as heart.

A Series By: Faucetdrop

Watch full episodes below.


EP. 1: Best Friends...

Best Friends in the 'David and Lenny' Episode 1 youtube series.

EP. 2: The Party

Lenny decides to take Davi to a party. When David resists, Lenny opts for a less orthodox method.

EP. 3: Spacebook

After a wild night out, David and Lenny to go social media to see how popular they hav becme.

EP. 4: Glitterfang

Ever heard of Twilight? Well forget that old vampire chick flick. Glitterfang is the movie the entire town is talking about.

EP. 5: What?

Things get a little crazy when Lenny decides to play a prank on some girls who wish to meddle in things that are out of this world.

EP. 6: Comic Store

The truth as to why Lenny is with David finally come out. Trouble in paradise.

EP. 7: ... For Life

No matter what thy go through, David and Lenny have a bond muc too strong to break apart. They seem to be stuck together for life.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.