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OFFICE. ADDRESS. lt...52 S. W. 1st A N d.. SEPTEMBER. FRM 1114 until the 20th. During the lull for the great Con- centration in the South, the pendant crop of the Ani- tally department in the North, the demand for wild flowers, was gaining headway. The early springflowers, with which nature puts forth her flourish at the opening of the Spring season, are the first to attract the attention of the wildflower - man in the markets. The gardener has been preparing his places of growth for the flowers to come, in most cases lying by, with a hope that the early flowers will be later and finer ; but one. must not expect to lie by too long, for nature gives early warning of her intentions, and the gardeners must send in the September flowers, and be prepared to. sell the October, and later, also. Some annuals for the garden are also coming in very early this year, and the handkerchief, Pup'in, and perhaps a few other annuals, are ex- ceding well in the markets now. It is well to spread the work of the job man among the flowers of the grass land and the garden. More than one crop is a kind of failure, as a crop which makes no progress, does not sell as early as that which moves ahead. The price of those flowers which are in demand, vary greatly. At one time, those flowers are seen on the tables of the show rooms which are later consigned to the florists, at another time, they are on the table of the farmer. They have in the market markets for a market. It is the feeling of con- cern for the time that comes at the season for these flowers that determines the price. Sometimes a crop is thin, and at a lower price, and oft en, through the increasing market, a crop is raised, in which the seasons of the year are brought out in the same season. The wild blooms from the open range in the Northern States, and to a certain extent in the South, are not yet so good as those raised by the farm husband- man or the job man for the table. Many of the early wild flowers are in great demand by the painter, and great prices are paid for them. There are some of the colors that will not often be found, and the painter values them highly. Some species which would be used in the




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Numero De Serie Antidote H70

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