"I do what I do to simply inspire. The same way Darth Maul and Vader seduced me to the Dark side or Tobey and Miles inspired me to take my own leaps of faith.

Film acting, along with stunt performance, taught me that we all experience similar situations or at least daydream about them. If we can be alike in those ways, then maybe we aren't so different after all... One smile merits another."

- Lexter

Who is He?

Lexter Rivera-Santana was born September 2nd, 1996 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The island was where he spent the first 7 years of his life and where he first started to demonstrate signs of artistic interest. At an early age, he figured he could change the world one smile at a time. After moving to the United States in 2003, he began to learn the English language and was well on his way to becoming the bilingual star that people from all over know and love. Lexter has come a long way to get where he is today. 

Some years of live shows, plays, commercial and theatrical performances, Shotokan Karate, and some gnarly stilt walking have made Lexter into something of an all around Performer. This guy just doesn't know when to stop. Event after event, Lexter has been able to leave lasting impressions on the people who get to witness him live. Whether it is his smile, dancing, or the ability to cause laughter; people just cant get enough of him. 

Talented in his craft, Lexter has been able to carry that same charisma over to the big screen and smaller screens alike. Having the opportunity to work on Projects such as 'Alita: Battle Angel' and 'Red 11' by Robert Rodriguez, 'Escaping Rancala' by Canyon Prince, and the popular hit Hulu series 'Marvel's Runaways'; one could say Lexter has some experience under his belt. Nonetheless, this Actor is always ready for the next project that comes his way. There is no telling what Lexter will be doing next. 

What is certain, is that Lexter is ready for some action. After working with stunt professionals such as Matt Mullins, Jennifer Badger, Vladimir Tevlovski and Eric Norris; Lexter has not only proven that he hangs with the pros, but also that he knows his way around a set and the ground. Lexter is hands down one of the most skilled stunt performers to have set foot in the Hollywood scene. Of course his years of experience in Shotokan Karate, as well as film fighting, and parkour training have been a major help. Add this to his training with low falls, wires, and a magic stunt bag with all kinds of gear and you'll have a seasoned stunt man.

There is no telling where Lexter is headed, but surely this artist will be leaving his mark. One way or another he always seems to have the need to create. Call it destiny, a calling, or simply a burning passion; Lexter is here to stay.