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Check out this Spider Verse Trio! Bunnybii as Spider Gwen, Lexter Santana as Miles Morales, and Todd Nauck as Peter B. Parker. This web slinging group was last spotted at the Los Angeles Comic Con.

L.A. Comic Con 2019 ~ BunnyBii as Spider Gwen ~ Todd Nauck as Peter B. Parker

welcome to The multiverse

We all have the power to leave our mark. Anyone can wear the mask.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Seeing Double?


If you think you're seeing double, don't worry. It just so happens Lexter looks just like Miles Morales. Imagine what he was thinking while watching Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse. Sony did a heck of a job.


I mean, come on. These two are afro-latino young men; who's dads are officers, their moms are Puerto Rican, and they must to learn to deal with what seem like a multiverse of difficult situations... Did we mention the great hair?

To get a better look at just how similar Lexter and Miles look, our friends over at Esquad Productions  put together this side by side video. To the right is the original clip from the  Sony animated film 'Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse'. In the original clip, Miles was voiced by recognized actor Shameik Moore and also featured the popular song 'Sunflower' by Post Malone and Swae Lee. On the left side is the Wild Canvas Media recreation, featuring Lexter.

A Leap of Faith

Not knowing what to expect, producer James Drake Coleman from Wild Canvas Media & actor Lexter Santana, decided to bring this scene to life.


The live action clip was shot in Austin TX, by James drake Coleman roughly a week after the theatrical release of 'Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse'. It was not long after that the clip was trending and soon went viral. Lexter quickly gained the support of over 8 million viewers throughout YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram after taking a leap of faith.


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